Speakers List

Meet the speakers who will take the stage for WBA’s Wireless Global Congress events in 2024. Interested in speaking at any of our events this year? , or click here to register your interest.

Wireless Global Congress Americas (Dallas) 2024 Speakers

Al Jenkins

Co-Chair, Connected Communities Forum (CCF), and Strategist for Broadband Telecommunications

Andrea Calcagno

President, CEO & Co-Founder, Cloud4Wi

Anindya Chakraborty

Senior Vice President - Global R&D, Products, RUCKUS Networks

Bernard Herscovici

Founder & CEO, NetExperience

Bart Giordano

President - Networking, Intelligent Cellular & Security (NICS), Ruckus Networks

Bruno Tomas

CTO, Wireless Broadband Alliance

Dr. Derek Peterson

CTO, Boingo Wireless

Eric McLaughlin

Vice President, Client Computing Group, General Manager Wireless Solutions Group, Intel Corporation

Ivan Muccini

VP Product, Cloud4Wi

JR Wilson

Chairman, WBA, and Vice President Tower Strategy & Roaming, AT&T

Kevin Robinson

President & CEO, Wi-Fi Alliance