Wi-Fi: Powering Innovation Series 2021

Please click on each day below to see the full agenda for the Working Sessions or Conference Programme.
All WGC Webinars will commence at 06:30 am (Pacific Time – PT) – 15:30 pm (Central European Time – CET)

WBA Members Only

28th Sep
29th Sep

WGC Open Congress

5th Oct
7th Oct
19th Oct
21st Oct

29th September – WBA Member Only Working Session (Day 2)

16:00pm (CET)

WBA Board Candidates Presentations

17:00pm (CET)

WBA OpenRoaming Technical Standards Task Group

17:20pm (CET)

Roaming Work Group

17:40pm (CET)

Profile & RCOI Prioritization

18:00pm (CET)

In-Home Wi-Fi – Multi-AP Solutions

18:20pm (CET)


18:25pm (CET)

Testing & Interoperability Work Group

18:45pm (CET)