Throughout 2021, the Wireless Broadband Alliance will be bringing you the latest news, insights and innovation from the world of Wi-Fi for operators and carriers, enterprises, cities and things.  This year we are focusing on how Wi-Fi is powering innovation and the new business opportunities that it is creating.

For this summer’s event, which will be virtual, we will run a series of online live events covering all the hottest topics in the industry and showcasing how this will bring benefits to different sectors, from hospitality and retail to manufacturing; smart transportation to healthcare; cities and operators and of course consumer and ‘things’ (with IoT).  Hear what the big brands need to do in order to transform their business, especially post COVID-19 and how regulators continue to move the dial in areas such as 6 GHz. From Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 7, roaming and offload with OpenRoaming and convergence with 5G  the agenda will be packed with presentations from industry leaders and executives shaping the future of Wi-Fi.

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Wi-Fi Innovations
Connecting Your World

Leadership event focusing on the social impacts of Wi-Fi and how Wi-Fi will evolve over the next decade. From powering the world economy to helping bridge the digital divide, the social impact of Wi-Fi around the world is stronger than ever before. Explore the market trends, the technology drivers enabling a connectivity revolution that will create new opportunities for carriers, enterprise, consumers and things; and regulations updates on exciting new technologies including Wi-Fi 6E, OpenRoaming, and Wi-Fi 7.

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Connected Cities Get Smarter
with Wi-Fi in the 5G Era

As more and more cities and municipalities around the world explore ways that they can keep citizens connected, this session will highlight the many ways that the industry can help make it happen. From ensuring that the privacy, security, and identity of citizens is protected, to outlining how cities and local businesses can effectively monetize Wi-Fi and the role public Wi-Fi can play in addressing the digital divide.

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Where next for Carriers: Wireless Innovation, Operation and Customer Experience

Delivering a gold standard public Wi-Fi experience, emerging opportunities for business models and monetization, and new developments in testing performance and optimization monitoring – this is just a glimpse of the capabilities that the future of wireless networks needs to offer. This session will also explore the role that emerging technologies such as Wi-Fi 7 will play, and how Wi-Fi 6E, 5G, and OpenRoaming will play their part on the road to convergence.

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Connecting the
Wi-Fi-enabled Enterprise

How can Wi-Fi address the emerging needs of enterprise to innovate and adapt in a post-COVID-19 world? Hear the latest on emerging opportunities for Industry 4.0 and IoT deployments in the 5G era; learn about the game changers for the connected retailer and automotive industry; and find out how train operator are, stepping up to offer outstanding Wi-Fi connectivity for passengers leading up to 2030.

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Wi-Fi Innovation
for Hospitality

The hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, and in the coming years, Wi-Fi operators and service providers have the unique opportunity to play their part in delivering the next generation hospitality experience. We’ll explore how the industry can deliver on the promise of the next generation Wi-Fi experience in hotels and venues, and also look at how marketing applications and analytics for Wi-Fi can effectively drive brand loyalty in the next decade.

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Carrier Grade Wi-Fi Delivering the
Future for the Smart Connected Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven – beyond a shadow of the doubt – that outstanding in-home Wi-Fi deployments, and the evolution of the ‘smart’ Connected Home, is a must, not an option. This session will highlight key market drivers and trends for residential Wi-Fi; how the next five years of IoT technology development will help deliver the Connected Home experience; and the capabilities of the next generation of Wi-Fi technologies, such as Wi-Fi Sensing and AR/VR, in the home.

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