Presentation Media Guidelines

Please submit your presentation materials to Rachael Aron ( and Sarah Markham ( as soon as they are ready. Please note that presentations can be amended onsite and up to 2 hours before the start of your session.

Presentations must conform to the following requirements:

  • Please name your file with the format of your Last Name and session title.
  • Microsoft Office 2007-10 and Microsoft PowerPoint or pdf.
  • The screen is 16:9 Format.
  • Do not use links to presentations or media files to your own computer.
  • Recommended to use minimum 24 point font size to make texts legible.
  • If you intend to conduct any demonstrations, live videos, any additional AV requests, or you need Internet access to your presentation: please inform us by email to Rachael Aron ( or Sarah Markham (
  • To minimize technical difficulties and time, all presentation files will be preloaded onto a common Windows-based laptop computer for use at the session venue. The use of individual personal computers or laptops is not allowed. It is advisable to bring along your Microsoft PowerPoint file in a USB storage device as backup.
  • Apple-Macintosh Users: Certain Mac media formats are not accepted by PowerPoint, like image files in the *.tiff format or movie files in the *.mov format. Also media files encoded with Quicktime may not run. Please convert them to *.jpg format for pictures and a Microsoft supported *.mpg or *.avi files for movie files. Apple Keynote or Adobe acrobat users can save their presentation to the *.jpg format and import it in PowerPoint.
  • Once your file is ready, please email to and If you encounter any issues or the file is too large to submit with email, please contact Rachael Aron or Sarah Markham for an alternative submission method.
  • A PDF version of your presentation will be made available for attendees to review and download on our conference website, if you would like not to share your slides with the attendees please inform WBA team in advance.

Presentation Tips

  • Typically, plan for a 15 minutes presentation and 3 – 5 minutes of Q&A (optional).
  • Recommendation on 1 slide per 90 seconds, around 10 slides per 15 minutes slot.
  • Make sure to bring a copy of your presentation with you onsite
  • Remember your audience is here to learn and understand the wider market context
  • Avoid any sales pitches and commercial presentations. You will represent your company best by giving an educative and informative presentation
  • Sales literature distribution is limited to Exhibitor booths and / or at the point of registration only. For more information or learn about sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities, please contact Pooja Samani ( or Wilson Tan (
  • For further marketing opportunities pre and post event please contact Sarah Markham (