Media & Analyst Registration

WBA welcomes all accredited media and analysts to our Wireless Global Congress Events on a COMPLIMENTARY basis. It’s a great place to meet and interview all the leading movers and shakers in the Wi-Fi industry.

Please complete the online form below. WBA will check your credentials and register you.

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Below are some examples of what we may request to validate and check you are a current journalist or analyst. Please review ALL of the requirements before completing the registration. If you’d like to register for a regular pass, please click here.

Media & Analyst Registration Form

  • Drop files here or

Who qualifies for a Media/Analyst guest pass

Print Media, Reporters, Newswire Reporters, Broadcast Journalists, Freelance Journalists, Online Reporters, Industry/Financial Analysts

WBA will check the credentials of all requests for media and analyst passes, firstly by checking email domains and secondly checking websites and relevant publications. If we are unable to verify we may request one or more of the following.

  • A link to the current page of recent online publication, blog with your name and title in an editorial capacity. Or,
  • a copy of latest issues of your publication or a link to your publications’ website that shows your name listed as part of the reporting team. Or,
  • A confirmation e-mail from your editors from the company email address. Or,
  • Any proof of recent and relevant journalism activities within last 12 months

Industry and Financial Analysts

  • copy of or URL for an industry-related article published in past 12 months

WBA reserves the right not to allocate a complimentary media and analyst pass, if credentials can not be verified.

Please ensure that you supply or have access to the relevant supporting materials required to complete your application.

WBA reserves the right to modify this policy without public notice and to revoke previously issued Wireless Global Congress press and analyst registration at any time. Being approved for registration at previous WBA events does not guarantee approval or waive the registration requirement.

Non-editorial staff (Account representatives, sales executives, book authors, marketing executives, consultants, and engineers) do not qualify for Media & Analysts registration.

If you do not qualify as accredited press or an industry analyst in any of the above categories, you should register as a general attendee of the Wireless Global Congress.

If you have any question regarding your Media & Analysts registration, please contact the WBA PR team at