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Chris Beg

Senior Mixed-Signal Architect, Cognitive Systems Corp.


Chris Beg is a Senior Mixed-Signal Architect at Cognitive Systems, a company creating an innovative new way to interact with Wi-Fi. Chris has been with Cognitive Systems since its inception in 2014.

Passionate about technology from a young age, he was first exposed to the tech industry while working a part time high-school job as a system administrator for a small ISP. While there, Chris experienced the explosive growth of networking and telecommunications during the 1990s, and obtained a CCNA by the age of 18.

Chris holds a MASc. in Electrical Engineering and a BASc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo. Academically, his interests include combining system architecture, circuit design, and communication theory to produce efficient low-power systems.

With experience in mixed signal IC design, Chris has produced various IP components and ASSPs used by the hearing aid and medical industries. While acting in various technical leadership roles, Chris has driven multiple semiconductor projects from conception to production.

At Cognitive Systems, Chris has been instrumental in the creation of the company’s patented WIFI Motion™ technology, developing key blocks used in their fully embedded software-defined-radio ASIC. Chris is now focused on expanding Cognitive Systems’ technology throughout the Wi-Fi industry by making it accessible on other platforms.

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