Industry Partners

As an industry body, we want to bring like-minded industry bodies together and are extending the use of our platform to put more spotlight on the wider ecosystem. As long as there are synergies, it’s a win-win.

This year, WBA has opened its platform to other Alliances and Industry bodies to co-host an Event within ours, Senior Roundtables, Conference Tracks, Workshops, Seminars, and Innovation Showcases with us. Building your own event takes time, resources and funding, and by choosing to partner with WBA, you’re choosing an industry body who has years of experience as a Trade Association who help shape the industry, as well as one that has solid experience with events too. We’ve got an events team who can help strengthen your position through our two annual Congresses.

Our focus, like yours, is on the industry growing the ecosystem. Like you, we see the most value in engaging thought leaders and industry education. We’ve hosted several events successfully for ourselves, and we see the value in extending the platform to other key bodies in the industry like you to join forces and benefit the industry as a whole.

Meet our Industry Partners:

LoRa Alliance will be the Official Sponsor of the WBA Accelerator as well as joining us in the Innovation Lounge to showcase cutting edge innovations and applications of LoRa technology. You’ll also see them on stage and in the Exhibition.

As our Official Innovation Lounge Partner, Multefire will be participating in the Innovation Lounge and bringing others to get involved too. They’ll be co-hosting a panel discussion live on stage with WBA and bringing key members of their network to take the stage with them.

Meet CableLabs at our New York event as we work together to host a brand new Conference Track dedicated to Cable topics. That means not only will you benefits from WBA’s leading insights on Next Gen Wi-Fi, IoT, connected cities and 5G, we’ll now have the expertise of CableLabs and their network to bring you insights from Cable Companies and Operators.

Are you and Alliance or Trade Association? Do you facilitate industry growth and have a member network like WBA and our Partners? Get in touch and get involved – see how you can use our platform to grow your network, and together grow the ecosystem with us.

Join our growing network…What’s in it for you?

  • Build your own industry engagement capability without setting up your own event
  • Build your own visibility; it’s easy to get lost in a huge expo and difficult to get heard or seen. Often, you can become just an endorsing logo at smaller events. With WBA’s options, we let you build an ongoing asset capability, with ownership and ongoing brand presence.
  • By working with us, you’ll be more of an owner than a participant. This means long term equity and relationships that you can build through this offering.
  • This is a longer term engagement opportunity for like- mind and synergistic industry partners interested in growing the ecosystem together.


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