Webinar Series 2020

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ALL WGC Webinars will commence at 08:00 am (Pacific Time – PT) – 16:00 pm (British Summer Time)

Wed 28th
Thurs 29th
Mon 2nd
Thurs 5th

November 2nd

Next Generation Wi-Fi – Serving the Needs of Consumer & Enterprise
Wi-Fi innovation is transforming future possibilities and in this webinar we will be deep diving on the technologies and the impact they have in the consumer and enterprise space. From Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, utilizing 6 GHz spectrum and how this is being architected for convergence with 5G, to Wi-Fi sensing and new applications that can revolutionize the work-from -home and smart home agenda.  How is the internet of things developing and what will Wi-Fi 7 bring in the next decade – join this fantastic line up of speakers to find out more.

08:05am (PT)

Wi-Fi 7: What is it and how will it help the industry?
Carlos Cordeiro, CTO Wireless Communications, Intel Corporation

08:25am (PT)

Making Wi-Fi 6 Smarter with Huawei’s 5G-Powered Smart Antenna Technology
Doron Ezri, CTO Wi-Fi of Data Communication Product Line, Huawei

09:05am (PT)

The Next Generation of Wi-Fi Innovation
Shantanu Kulkarni, Head of Software Technology, STL

09:25am (PT)

Wi-Fi in the Next Decade
Vijay Nagarajan, Vice President, Mobile Connectivity Division, Broadcom

09:45am (PT)

Next Gen Wi-Fi and IoT, what’s driving the industry
Malcolm Smith, Senior Technical Lead Engineer, Cisco
Carlos Cordeiro, CTO Wireless Communications, Intel Corporation

10:05am (PT)

Empowering the enterprise in the work-from-home era
Tuncay Cil, Chief Strategy officer, ASSIA

10:25am (PT)

Standardization of Wi-Fi Sensing and delivering Next Gen Smart Home
Chris Beg, Senior Mixed-Signal Architect, Cognitive Systems Corp.