Wireless Global Congress – EMEA: Wi-Fi Powering Innovation Series

Join us this autumn for Wi-Fi’s premier event, Wireless Global Congress EMEA, hosted by the Wireless Broadband Alliance, which will consist of a series of LIVE webinars, with industry experts from across the Wi-Fi ecosystem talking about our industry’s most compelling topics.

Commencing with our Members Only meetings on 28 – 29 September, we will open our congress to the entire industry free of charge for four thought provoking webinars on 5, 7, 19 and 21 October.

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Leadership Conference & WBA Industry Awards

  • Strategic Impacts of Wi-Fi on the Global Economy 2022 & Beyond
  • 2022 – 2025 – New Technology Innovations and business models for Wi-Fi
  • Analysis: Leading Market Trends  & Drivers in the Wi-Fi ecosystem
  • WBA Industry Awards 2021

Wi-Fi: Public and Private Networks and Convergence with 5G

  • Wi-Fi 6 use cases, deployments and operational benefits
  • 6 GHz  – global regulatory status, new opportunities and developing use cases for Wi-Fi 6E
  • Private 5G & Wi-Fi 6
  • Emerging technologies  – Wi-Fi 7, FWA, 802.11bf and beyond

Wi-Fi: Enabling the Smart Connected Enterprise

  • In the era of BYOD, impacts on security, privacy and data integrity in the smart connected enterprise
  • Securing your IoT infrastructure using Wi-Fi
  • Retail, Transportation, Health and the carpeted enterprise – smart Wi-Fi to support your customers and your operations.
  • Business models and monetization
  • Industry 4.0 and Enterprise IoT: Emerging opportunities for converged solutions with Wi-Fi in the 5G era

Innovation for Service Providers, Cities and Venues with Public and Guest Wi-Fi

  • How Wi-Fi 6 & OpenRoaming is enabling safe, secure public Wi-Fi in the most demanding locations – case studies and successful deployments
  • What’s needed to deliver well to venues, cities and high-density locations.
  • Opportunities for Wi-Fi enabled IoT solutions in Cities and Public venues
  • Public Wi-Fi for the residential market
  • The business case and new market opportunities for Wi-Fi roaming and offload


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